Year One = Done

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and apparently it flies a little faster when you’re also working hard. We can hardly believe it, but it has now been one whole year of collectively being W A K E + L O O M! A whole year of working with incredible clients, finding just the right wallpaper, treasure hunting, soaking up good lighting, and creating spaces that become the backdrops for some amazing stories.

So as we move into our second year, this seems like a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come. The past year has been full of some incredible fun projects, and we’d like to share a few of our favorites with you. Each one showcases a different facet of who we are and what we love, and they have all been important steps in this journey that we lovingly call W A K E + L O O M.

#1 Virginia Highlands Home - Summer 2016

This was one of our larger projects of the year, it was fun to have such a large blank canvas to work with. 

2. Santa Monica Beach Bungalow - Spring 2016

We love out West Coast projects! This one stole our hearts, we loved that our client was open to such bright colors and bold patterns. 

3. Atlanta Beltline Loft Spring 2016

We really loved the masculine energy of this project as well as all the fun lighting.

#4 West Hollywood Nursery + Bathroom - Spring/Summer 2017

This was such a fun project for us! We loved creating such a dreamy nursery, bathroom and patio for our expecting client. 

So with year one in the books, we know that there are so many good things to come! Year two is already shaping up to be its own kind of unique and creative. That being said, we would love to work with YOU this year. Let us create a space that fits your life, your style, and your needs. Just shoot us an email at or call 404-654-0667. We’ll be in touch to talk about the details.

Let’s get to work.