May we introduce... W A K E + L O O M

It all began on a gorgeous sunset, wine-laden evening in Los Angeles, California with family and friends.  Oh wait, no.  Nope.  It was a random afternoon in York, Pennsylvania at an amateur baseball game with far too much Bud Light in hand, that neither of us really desired to drink (but we sure as hell drank it!).  Wait wait wait.  NO!  It was actually a very special, black tie, champagne filled wedding rehearsal-dinner that brought these two high-class hooligans together for-e-vah.  And it wasn’t even OUR wedding.

The rest?  Well, the rest is ANYTHING but history.  It’s actually a very current love affair.  A love affair with pillows.  And paint.  And faux fur.  Repurposed wood, mirrored shelves, never ending conference calls, African textiles, cross country flights, hairpin legs, bohemian anything, andromeda wallpapers, foot massages, vintage treasure hunts, sputnik light fixtures, and really anything that gets our twinkles in a dinkle.  (we have no idea what that means.)

Anyway.  Here we are. TEN years later with so many kismet endeavors under our respective belts that we’ve finally decided to tie our own special kind of knot.  We like to call it,  W A K E + L O O M.   So much beautiful time in the making, we finally feel our official cue to bring our ardor to life.  Our obsessions.  Our fascination with all that we can make and find beautiful.

We dive in.  

Wake behind, future looming.  Our connection to all things past, present and future is what we are, and hope to be.